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The Beacon Group recently completed a highly specialized material handling solution for a hard lines and disposables supply company in Columbus, Ohio. This project included selective rack, lift truck equipment, conveyor, horizontal carousels, workstations and control system.

The project included new selective rack providing over 10,000 pallet locations, carton flow rack, twenty (20) existing carousels, two (2) narrow belt pop up wheel sorters with twenty-two (22) lanes, and a new carousel and conveyor control system supporting the pick to light at each carousel pod.  The operation includes pick to cart, pick and pass to tote in the carousels, (13) packing workstations, (2) dunnage lanes and four (4) manifesting workstations.

The Beacon Group provides highly specialized and traditional material handling solutions throughout the USA and beyond to clients looking to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and put a shine on their supply chain.

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