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A Comprehensive Solution

By leveraging a unique and dynamic combination of engineering, construction, operations and facility management expertise, The Beacon Group designs, delivers and executes practical solutions that help companies:

  • Drive strategic growth planning

  • Perform engineering based facility/evaluations for transaction due diligence

  • Identify inefficiencies and capture operational savings

  • Maximize system-wide asset value

  • Increase profitability

The Beacon Group is committed to understanding our clients’ challenges first and then offering clear direction. To not only solve today’s problems, but offer guidance for future growth and development.

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Depth of Experience and Expertise

The Beacon Group works hand-in-hand with our customers to address their facilities and logistics challenges. By applying our vast experience and industry knowledge, The Beacon Group can offer your organization the optimal solutions to improve efficiencies, drive cost reduction and maximize return on your investment. Our depth of experience allows our company to understand and accommodate the ever changing demands of the market and our customers.

The Beacon Group was formed with the intent of offering our clients a complete solution as it relates to their ever evolving needs.  As an engineering and services company, The Beacon Group’s most valuable asset is our people.  We have developed a team with unparalleled, cross functional experience across the fields of supply chain, facilities management and logistics. 


The true measure of our success is not only our bottom line; it is the quality of the results and the level of customer satisfaction that perpetuates enduring relationships with our customers.

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