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Today’s businesses, small and large, need to constantly focus on their core competencies — developing, marketing, and selling new and innovative products and services for their customers. Managing inventory, fulfilling orders and tracking shipments are simply a distraction from these core functions that companies should consider outsourcing to a third party.

Enter The Beacon Group.

When a company decides to outsource logistics operations, The Beacon Group (TBG) – is ready to guide them through this complicated and stressful time. From meeting our clients’ distribution and warehousing challenges to optimizing networks and creating product-level visibility, TBG is driving business success — effectively managing the supply chain with broad based experience and expertise.

Third Party Logistics

  • Warehousing

    • ​Public and Contract

  • Fulfillment

    • ​Pick/Pack

    • Kitting

    • Repackaging

    • Labeling

  • Contract Labor

  • Cross Docking

  • Returned Goods Processing

  • Transition Management



  • National and Global Network Evaluations

  • Outsourcing Evaluation and Risk Analysis

  • Performance Review and Benchmarking Studies

  • Transportation Management Evaluations

  • Inventory Management Assessments

  • Contract Evaluations


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