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The Importance of an Internship

by: Tyler Hoey, Intern at The Beacon Group & List Logistics


As I began my sophomore year, the term internship began popping up, frequently. With summer approaching, professors began hinting that an internship would provide a considerable advantage to any student who had one. I had always been familiar with internships, hearing the buzz around them from accomplished professors and established higher-ups, plus having an older brother who has already been there, done that. Frankly, I just couldn’t believe it was time for me to apply for some myself.

After wrapping up my second year of college, I was fortunate enough to land an internship with a great company. I was thrilled understanding this was an effective way to, at minimum, gain some real-world experience and get my foot in the door at an exceptional company. I started off with first day/week butterflies (I like to think anyone would) but quickly felt at home when I met the squad. I immediately began encountering new experiences with different personnel who are all extraordinary at what they do and had no problem showing a young buck their ways. Beginning with a respected sales representative taking me under his wing to display proper communication with clients. Meeting with real estate agents to strategically locate potential properties or land. Developing ads with the marketing team and sitting in on a client meeting with the boss. I would have never dreamed of meeting the people I have without this journey. It is incredible how a group of people you just met can have such an impact on your life.

Now, ten weeks later I am still soaking it all in. Everything I have learned, the relationships I have made, the confidence, integrity, and character I have built can all be attributed to this internship. Looking back, I now understand all the hype around an internship and why professors/professionals swear by them. Thanks for twisting my arm, professor!

Some Facts

The College of St. Scholastica and Smallbizgenius have some insightful information on the beneficial impact an internship can have on your professional future.

Key takeaways from the articles:

- Students who completed an internship are 15% less likely to be unemployed in the first years after college.

- Approximately 70% of employers offer their interns full-time jobs.

- College graduates who had internships in college, years later as alumni, were twice as likely than those who did not have internships to be engaged in their work and 1.5 times more likely to report high levels of wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

I had always heard and read about internship experiences (like you are now), but nothing compares to the knowledge and advice I have gained participating in one myself. Internships are a prime example of a well-known quote, “You’ll never know until you try.”

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