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4Syte Centroid Tool

Introducing 4SYTE Centroid Tool:

The Beacon Group's new and improved 4SYTE ™ Centroid transportation modeling tool is one of the world’s most powerful transportation optimization programs ever developed.

  • Centroid can price or benchmark any mode of transportation.  This includes:

    • Ocean

    • Railcar

    • Intermodal containers

    • Drayage

    • Truckload

    • Bulk

    • Flatbed

    • Less Than Truckload

    • Private Fleet Operations

    • Parcel shipments

  • We can price using your published rates from any carrier, or we can price and benchmark using standard rate sheets or tariffs discounted or modified in any way the client wants.


Our pricing engines are state of the art and accurate to the penny.  Moreover, 4SYTE ™ Centroid can compute your specific “Perfect World” DC location scenario using Centroid’s powerful and proprietary algorithms.  

The Beacon Group has made significant investments in this program and has now implemented the use of multiple machine learning algorithms into our transportation optimization engine.  In fact, we can GUARANTEE you that we will find your ULTIMATE LOW TRANSPORTATION COST SOLUTION or a COMBINATION OF LOW COST and HIGHEST LEVEL OF SERVICE BALANCED SOLUTION, quickly and without breaking the bank! 


Key Features

  • Baseline Creation, Benchmarking and Data Cleansing:  First Beacon will request your shipping data for a pre-defined time period that will include all of your current rates and tariff as well as shipment level detail in an easy to use MS Excel template format.  We have simplified this data gathering process so we can get right to work.  We immediately attempt to import the data provided by you into Centroid.  Centroid will then perform a scan and attempt to fix any data error it can automatically.  If data is missing, Centroid generates a report that quickly identifies these problems so that they can be dealt with quickly. Once the data is clean and verified to be accurate, our experts can compare your costs to market rates currently seen in the market, lane by lane and provide a performance report card on where you are realizing good pricing and where you may not be.  We regularly see opportunities for our clients to save right out of the box even before the model process begins.


  • Filtering:  Filtering is another powerful utility in 4SYTE Centroid.  Often times there are thousands and thousands of shipping details in a data set.  It is often difficult to see the hidden opportunities that are buried in multiple lines of data.  The ability to filter down to specific carriers or modes of transportation, or even down to parcel modes like next day air or 3 day select. 

    • Filter down to customers within certain driving distances

    • Filter down to only your top revenue customers

    • Sub-analyzing any specific area of your transportation network.

It never fails, we find opportunities everywhere using Centroid’s powerful filter features.

  • Layering:  Our experts can layer in multiple networks on top of each other.  This along with the filter provides almost limitless possibilities for deep analyses of your transportation network.


  • Statistic Reporting:  Every network or sub-network that is imported into Centroid gets analyzed immediately by Centroid providing every little detail you could ever want about your transportation data.  The reporting in Centroid is comprehensive and leaves nothing out.

  • Complex Geocoding and Mapping:  Centroid uses state of the art geocoding that accurately maps and depicts each and every shipment to every customer.  The map identifies all important origin and destination points in the network including:

    • Ocean Ports

    • Foreign Suppliers

    • Domestic Suppliers

    • Rail Terminals

    • Distribution Centers and customer destination points.


Each mode of transportation is depicted in different colors for quick identification of transportation mode.  Inbound and Outbound shipments are limitlessly filterable and allow the experts infinite possibilities to analyze your network in just minutes.


  • Driving times, average truck speeds, driving distances:  Centroid computes driving times, average speeds and distances in seconds and compares all DC and/or plant locations to each other ranking them in order of shortest driving times or highest average speeds or shortest distances to all customer delivery points. 

  • Ranking:  Centroid has the unique ability to rank customers based on sales, volumes or frequency of delivery.  Custom fields are available as well allowing our experts to perform highly customized ranking and/or priority assignments as needed for the analyses.

  • Supplier Analytics:  Inbound movements are analyzed separately and aggregately with outbound shipments as needed.  Each supplier, foreign or domestic, gets its own analytical summary so our experts can report on how the suppliers compare when considering transportation cost as well as overall procurement costs.

  • Network Comparison:   Centroid’s network comparison module rolls it all up into detailed charts and graphs for the client.  From:

    • Net and gross freight costs

    • Backhaul revenue

    • Average freight costs

    • Shipment frequencies

    • Number of customers served

    • Units shipped

    • Weight shipped and average weight shipped

    • Cost per pound

    • Total network miles

    • Average miles per shipment

    • Total network driving times

    • Average driving times per shipment

    • Average truck speed

Every scenario is analyzed and compared from every angle possible. 


The Beacon Group's latest version of 4SYTE ™ Centroid is guaranteed to provide maximum transparency to your transportation network from and cost and service perspective.   Beacon has ensured that not only are we using the latest state of the art technologies, we are developing new and proprietary ways to solve very complex problems for our clients quickly and without breaking the bank. 


These projects typically take consultants months upon months to complete and are out of reach for most small to mid-sized companies.  Not anymore!  Give us a call for a live demo using your data.  It will likely be the easiest and best decision you will make this year.    

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