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Beacon Group Solutions

“Our company needs to expand operations.”

“What is the true value of our real estate and assets?”

“Should our company consider automating more functions?”

“Our facility is dated and poorly managed – how can we improve upon it?”

“Is it time we outsourced our business?”

If these are the type of comments made within your organization, look to The Beacon Group. We have built our organization on the premise that our clients need a trusted, experienced resource to truly understand their business and then take swift action to remedy their issues.  The Beacon Group has divided our solutions into four key areas — Supply Chain & Engineering, Facility Management, Construction Facilitation & Development and Logistics — but we are positioned to leverage the skills of our entire staff to tailor a program that meets our clients unique challenges and provides a cost effective solution with measurable return on investment.



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Facility Management

Construction Facilitation &


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