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Diverse Challenges, Experienced Solutions

Every market and industry poses unique and diverse challenges.  What they all have in common is the goal to develop, implement, and maintain a sustainable and thriving business.  Operating at the lowest possible cost, creating a productive and positive workplace, managing an efficient and environmentally-friendly facility – these are important to ALL organizations.

At The Beacon Group, we subscribe to the theory that “one size does NOT fit all” and we have the resources in place to ensure our clients’ demands are met with their specific needs in mind.  From the very first stages of the supply chain right up until to when products arrive in a customers’ hands, The Beacon Group is prepared to guide our customers through this entire process, one step at a time.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing environments and markets are in a constant state of flux. Competition, both domestic and overseas, is forcing companies to continuously develop ‘leaner operations’. Bottom line, leakage and declining margins require organizations to be certain their manufacturing plants and operations are the best they can be. The Beacon Group takes an engineering-centric approach to these challenges and provides value added solutions. Whether the answer is automation, improved process flow, or a total redesign of your systems, The Beacon Group stands ready to steer you in the right direction.

Distribution & Warehousing

Inbound receiving, put away and product rotation, item picking, load building, product tracking, recall protocol, and shipping product are the key elements of any distribution or warehousing operation. However, the notion that warehouses are simply ‘big boxes’ where companies house their products is an outdated concept. The ability to optimize facility capacity and utilization, manage inventory and ensure product integrity /safety in a perfect manner is a necessity to stay ahead of your competition and to properly protect and service customers. In today’s marketplace equipment and technology is constantly advancing. This fact alone creates opportunities to increase efficiency, thus the need for a resource to guide organizations to contemporary cost effective solutions that make sense for their business. The Beacon Group provides both the technical knowledge base necessary, and the insight required to modify current processes to adapt to the changing supply chain world.

Retail Development & Operations

As the market continues to be pressured by the expansion of “super-companies” the necessity for “niche markets” to provide consumers with best in class retail environments to enhance the shopping experience has increased.  The ability to offer consumers modern store designs and fixtures to merchandize products effectively, positions operators with an advantage over aged marketplaces.  Retail construction projects ranging from interior remodels to major expansions can help solidify and increase position in the market.  Energy management initiatives for systems, safety and product integrity is crucial to produce savings and protect consumers.  Strategic sourcing of all consumables and preventative maintenance of building systems also add value by creating savings and offsetting rising costs of products and equipment.  The Beacon Group provides support for organizations and store operators to effectively develop and execute projects aimed at cost savings and market positioning.

Commercial Development

The support required to effectively plan, design and construct efficient facilities is imperative to any projects' overall success. Projects require cooperative exchange and development in alignment with customer’s goals and needs to support the business model. The Beacon Group provides the technical expertise and extensive industry experience required to produce both immediate results and long term effective facilities. In an increasingly competitive market, commercial development requires cooperation with state and local agencies, as well as utility providers to secure available funds and resources necessary to contain increasing construction and operational costs. An effective project should produce an efficient physical environment and remain cost effective to construct.

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